Trek first started making bicycle frames in 1976. Trek made a total of 805 frames that first year and two years later they started offering complete bicycles in addition to the bare frames. Trek has now become one of the most recognizable Bike Manufacturers in the world. With an incredible selection to choose from and an onsite experience where you could choose a Bike, we will ship it directly to you! This is sure to make your next program an adventure.

Villy Custom Bicycles.., As featured on the show Shark Tank, has revolutionized the world of Custom Bikes. We can now create a Custom Bicycle Experience using numerous combinations of tires, chains, handlebars, grips, fenders, etc etc. No two bikes will look alike! Villy Custom Bicycles will come onsite with the Global Gifting staff, ready to help you to design your very own Villy Custom Bicycle!